Technical Analysis of AUD:

Before taking Signals kindly follow these Points:

1) In Technical Analysis, there are 5 stages. Strong-Sell, Sell, Neutral, Buy, Strong-Buy.
    So basically we have to focus on Strong-Sell & Strong-Buy while trading and your on going trade Buy/Sell should and must be twice than Neutral.

2) If traders want to trade on Strong-Sell or Strong-Buy on 5 mins time frame in Binary. Then initiate your trade after 30 seconds of the formation of candle.

    a) Ex: If suppose you are taking Strong-Sell then digital reading should be minimum 19 or 20 and other opponents like Strong-Buy must be 0, vice-versa
    b) Start your trade after 30 to 40 seconds of the formation of candle. So we will be completing our trade with the remaining 4 mins, 20 or 30 seconds.
    c) Strong Sell or Strong Buy proficiency will be 90%.

3) If taking signal for Binary then consider the time frame with respect to closing time.
    Ex: If going for 5 mins time frame then closing time should be minimum 5 mins to maximum 10 mins. And same applies for 15 mins time frame.

4) Forex Traders should focus on 1 hour, 4 hours & Daily time frame. Where Binary Traders have to focus on 5 mins & 15 mins time frame.

5) Avoid trading at the time of NEWS or any other major Events.

So keep these things in your mind while taking these signals.


Time Frame: 5 Mins

Time Frame: 15 Mins


Time Frame: 5 Mins

Time Frame: 15 Mins


Time Frame: 5 Mins

Time Frame: 15 Mins


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